Major Works
31342 feet 
 - Concerto for Brass Band
… as a Glow
***** Concerto No 10 
for Brass Band,
Percussion & Ondemartenut

Brut de Brut
Constellation - from Symphonie Sous Les Etoiles
Danse des Etoiles
DA Vinci
Dear Cassandra -
2019 European Set Work
Pit Stop at Purgatory 

Scratched Vinyl Concerto for Brass & Perc
Spells of a Deep Forest 

The Last Days of our Lives 
The Fallen Bride
Vent des Glaciers
Concert Works
Alps Carol - Christmas Number
Bad Trip 
Behind The Curtain 
BB & Piano
Das Geist
Gravé dans nos coeurs - WB and BB
Mr Goo - BB & Perc

Skyzophrenia - Opening Number
Sut  Steilas mixed Choir and Brass Band
L'Ultima Diligenza di Red Rock
- from the Tarantino Film  "The Hateful Eight"
Solo Works
55 Nuances de Grin - Cornet and Euphonium Duet with Brass Band
Acedia - Horn, Piano & Marimba
Alter Ego - Horn, Baritone & BB
Avaritia  - Tenor Horn and Piano
BECH - Euphonium
Fantasie über Beresina-Lied
- Trom& BB
Gula - Trumpet & Marimba
Invidia - Cornet & Piano
Ira - Trombone Solo
 - Bass Trombone Solo 
Luxuria - Flugel Horn Solo & Piano
Sing as the Devil - Trombone Trio & BB
Terra Helvetica - Tubular Bells Solo with BB
- Tenor Horn and Piano
Y Deryn Pur 
- Flugel or Tenor Horn with BB
Small Ensemble Works
Fiat Lux - Concert piece for Brass
Ensemble, Tenor & Organ
Household's Ghost - Brass Quartet
Tabula Rasa - 10 Piece Brass
Patchwork - Quartet

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