The Music of  Ludovic Neurohr


Ludovic Neurohr started playing the cornet at an early age with his village’s Brass Band, the “Marcelline” and studied under Géo-Pierre Moren from 1995 to 2002.

On numerous occasions he has won prizes during cantonal and national solo contests, and in 2003 became Swiss Junior cornet champion and all categories Swiss Junior champion with flugel horn. From 2001 to 2005, he was repiano cornet with the Brass Band 13*, with whom he has won many competitions.

He studied music at the “Tibor Varga” music academy in Sion from 2003, in the class of Claude-Alain Barmaz, with the objective to obtain a Diploma in Teaching the Trumpet. This was achieved in 2007, with top marks, as well as obtaining his professional diploma in the theory of music.  He also studied the piano for three years, as well as orchestration and chamber music.




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Skyzophrenia - Opening Number
Sut  Steilas mixed Choir and Brass Band


L’Ultima Diligenza di Red Rock - from the Tarantino Film  “The Hateful Eight”

Solo Works

55 Nuances de Grin – Cornet and Euphonium Duet with Brass Band

Acedia - Horn, Piano & Marimba

Alter Ego - Horn, Baritone & BB

Avaritia  - Tenor Horn and Piano

BECH - Euphonium

Fantasie über Beresina-Lied - Trom& BB

Gula - Trumpet & Marimba

Invidia - Cornet & Piano

Ira - Trombone Solo

McCrystals - Bass Trombone Solo 

Luxuria - Flugel Horn Solo & Piano

Sing as the Devil - Trombone Trio & BB

Terra Helvetica – Tubular Bells Solo with BB

Vivarium – Tenor Horn and Piano

Y Deryn Pur - Flugel or Tenor Horn with BB

Small Ensemble Works

Fiat Lux - Concert piece for Brass

Ensemble, Tenor & Organ

Household's Ghost - Brass Quartet

Tabula Rasa - 10 Piece Brass

Patchwork - Quartet

Major Works

31342 feet 

Arabesque - Concerto for Brass Band

… as a Glow

***** Concerto No 10 for Brass Band,

Percussion & Ondemartenut


Brut de Brut

Constellation - from Symphonie Sous Les Etoiles

Danse des Etoiles

DA Vinci

Dear Cassandra - 2019 European Set Work


Pit Stop at Purgatory 


Scratched Vinyl Concerto for Brass & Perc

Spells of a Deep Forest 

The Last Days of our Lives 

The Fallen Bride

Vent des Glaciers

Concert Works

Alps Carol - Christmas Number

Bad Trip 

Behind The Curtain 

Ballerine  BB & Piano

Das Geist

Gravé dans nos coeurs - WB and BB


Mr Goo – BB & Perc