Adagio (from Sonata Pathétique) Beethoven, L. van     £26.50

Air (from the Third Suite) Bach, J.S.                               £26.50

All Mankind Must Pass Away Bach, J.S.                      £21.00

American in Paris, An (Three Scenes) Gershwin, G.   £37.00

Andante Bach, J.S.                                                         £26.50

Anything You Can Do(*) Berlin, I                                   £38.00

Arioso Bach, J.S.                                                            £26.50

Bank Holiday H. Snell                                                    £26.50

Beautiful Dreamer Foster, S.                                         £26.50

Beethoven's Beano Warlock                                         £21.50

Bolero Ravel, M.                                                             £35.00

Brasiliera (from Scaramouche) Milhaud, D.                 £26.50

Candide Overture Bernstein, L.                                     £38.00

Cavanquino Nazareth, E.                                               £26.50

Champions! (Concert Prelude) H. Snell                         £21.50

Cossack Dance, A Tschaikovsky, P.                             £26.50

Czardas Strauss, J.                                                        £26.50

Daphnis & Chloé: Full Suite (Bacchanale) Ravel, M    £95.00

Daphnis & Chloé: Finale (Bacchanale) Ravel, M.         £38.00

Eighteenth (18th) Variation, The Rachmaninov, S.      £26.50

Ellan Vannin (Traditional Isle of Man) Traditional          £21.50

Entry of the Gods into Valhalla Wagner, R.                 £38.00

Excelsior! H. Snell                                                         £65.00

Exhibition Can-Can H. Snell                                         £26.50

Finale to Act 1 (from Lohengrin) Wagner, R.                £30.00

Finale from Symphony No. 7 - Beethoven                   £45.00

Folk Festival Shostakovitch, D.                                     £26.50

Gallery                                                                            £95.00

Galop Shostakovitch, D.                                                 £26.50

Galop - In the Woods Strauss, J.                                  £26.50

Gollywog's Cakewalk Debussy, C.                               £26.50

Hungarian March

(from The Damnation of Faust) Berlioz, H.                     £33.00

Images of the Millennium -

Full 2 Band Version H. Snell                                         £115.00

Images of the Millennium - Suite H. Snell                    £99.00

In Thee Is Joy (Chorale Prelude) Bach, J.S.                 £26.50

Its a Lovely Day Tomorrow (*) Berlin, I                        £39.00

Largo (from Winter/The Seasons) Vivaldi, A.                 £26.50



Brass Band Music